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5 Great Spots to Take Spring Portraits in Jacksonville Florida

5 Great Spots to Take Spring Portraits in Jacksonville Florida

5 Great Spots to Take Spring Portraits in Jacksonville Florida

It does not matter if you choose to work with a professional photographer or take your own snapshots, there are many wonderful places near our apartments in Jacksonville, FL to take spring portraits. Go ahead and put on your favorite spring outfit before heading out to take spring photos to share with your family and friends. Choose your favorite option or create a route allowing you to take portraits at more than one of these terrific locations near Gran Bay Apartments in Jacksonville FL.

A1A Scenic Highway

Head towards Amelia Island on the A1A Scenic Highway, and you will find many great places to pull over and take spring portraits. Get down low for a fun shot with one of the resident turtles along this highway’s beautiful beaches. Bird Island Park is always stunning in the spring as is Washington Oaks State Park. The fallen oaks at Black Rock Beach offer a unique setting for photos. Since this highway runs the whole way from Jacksonville to Miami, you may want to take along a fantastic picnic lunch.

Southbank Riverwalk

If you are looking for a place to capture Jacksonville’s beautiful skyline in the background, then head to the Southbank Riverwalk. You can also capture great photos here with a wide range of riverboats in the background. The benches make this a great option for fun family photos.

Jacksonville Arboretum and Gardens

Almost any of the trails at the 120-acre Jacksonville Arboretum and Gardens offers great opportunities to take portraits. If you are looking for a secluded location, then make sure to consider the Araila Trail winding its way along Jones Creek near the Mormon Bridge. You can always capture Instagram-worthy photos on the Lake Trail encircling Lake Ray.

Memorial Park

The large grassy areas at the renovated Memorial Park serve as a fun backdrop for portraits. The art at this park that was set up as a memorial to veterans offers unique photo opportunities. The peaceful atmosphere at this park always seems to help people relax when they are having their photos taken.

Stockton Park

Many couples looking to get maternity photos done choose to do them at Stockton Park because the benches make it easy to sit and rest when needed. The sunlight filtering through the large trees at this park offers many unique opportunities. This is also a fantastic place to get fun photos done with Jacksonville’s skyline in the background.

Regardless of the choice of location, you choose for spring photos, when you live at Gran Bay, getting ready for photos is incredibly easy. You will love the spacious bedrooms giving everyone plenty of space to plan their perfect outfit. The large bathrooms are the perfect place to put on makeup and shower as everything can be carefully tucked away allowing your bathroom not to feel cluttered, which can add to stress levels when getting spring photos done in Jacksonville.