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Five Tips to Organize Your Refrigerator in Your Apartment

Five Tips to Organize Your Refrigerator in Your Apartment

Five Tips to Organize Your Refrigerator in Your Apartment

Have you ever opened your refrigerator five times to look for one specific item?  Do you spend a lot of your time rummaging through your refrigerator to find the ingredients you need for a recipe?  To eliminate time wasted on sifting through your fridge, it may be time for you to focus on the right organizational strategy.  In our apartments in Jacksonville, FL, we have many useful storage solutions and spacious layouts built into our units, but you still want to take extra care to have a functional space.  There are a few tips that can help you keep your refrigerator organized all the time.

Use the Drawers and Crispers

When it comes to organizing your fridge, the first thing you want to do is use the drawers that already come installed.  These features are great storage solutions for certain foods, especially produce and deli meats.  Wipe down and sanitize the entire fridge before you first stock it, and then be sure to take advantage of all the features offered.

Label Your Foods

If you find yourself always scrambling to find certain foods, take the time to label things.  Invest in a few mason jars and small containers that can be easily labeled and refilled so that you can locate your ingredients when you need them.  This little trick is great for organizing all aspects of your kitchen.

Keep Foods in the Same Spot

Instead of constantly moving things around, try to keep your foods in the same spot each time you restock.  After you go to the grocery store and bring back a large haul, take the time to unpack your bags and put everything in a similar spot so that you can easily locate it next time you need it.  This will save you time on meal-prepping and cooking.

Buy Stackable Containers

Stackable, fridge-friendly containers are some of the best investments you can make when it comes to fridge organization.  Many of these containers come in clear colors so that you can visually see the foods and items inside the bins, which makes it much easier to grab what you need.  You can also label these containers to keep things more organized.  Consider storing items like yogurts, produce, cheese, and lunch snacks in these easy-to-use containers.

Write Out Shopping Lists

Another way to promote a more organized and fully stocked fridge is to write out your shopping lists.  Take some time to do inventory of your fridge contents before you hit the grocery store, and jot down anything that appears to be running low.  Also, when you run out of a certain food, write it down on a notepad so that you can keep a list as you go.

By following these tips, you can keep your refrigerator organized and fresh all the time.  No more worrying about where a certain ingredient is or where you will fit the next grocery haul.  Instead, you'll be able to have a functional refrigerator in your apartments in Jacksonville, FL.  Contact us to hear about our available and spacious apartment rentals today.