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5 Last-minute Memorial Day Decorations

5 Last-minute Memorial Day Decorations

5 Last-minute Memorial Day Decorations

If you are hosting a Memorial Day party, you have probably been concentrating on who you want to invite, the food, and the drinks. In order to have a wonderful Memorial Day celebration, you need some party decorations. Here are some that can easily be made in apartments in Jacksonville, FL.

Paper Pinwheels

Red, white and blue paper pinwheels are a great addition to any party. Since you can hang them in so many different locations, you will want to make plenty. Head to the craft store to grab some scrapbooking paper. Then, cut it in squares. Make crease lines by folding the paper corner-to-corner diagonally. Repeat going the other direction. Use scissors to snip about 1/3 up the lines that you have created. Bring all the points to the middle and fasten with a stickpin. Now, you can fasten your pinwheel to a dowel rod to blow in the wind.

Welcome Flag

You can easily make a patriotic welcome flag to hang on your front door or near your party location. Get a piece of lumber and paint it like the flag. Let the paint dry. Then, use a paint pen to write welcome in the middle. Attach a pretty ribbon to the back and hang where your guests will see it when upon their arrival.

Patriotic Banner

The hardest part of making a patriotic banner is deciding which jeans you are willing to cut up. You will also need a piece of ribbon, some stencils, scissors, a piece of white cotton fabric and some fabric glue. Cut three pieces that are about eight-inches square out of the denim. Then, use the stencils to trace the letters USA on the white cotton fabric. Glue them in place with the fabric glue and attach the denim to the ribbon. Tie it up in a place where your guests are sure to enjoy seeing it.

Patriotic Wreath

Grab some red, white and blue scrap paper and an old piece of cardboard. Use a knife to cut the cardboard into a circle. Then, roll paper cones from the paper and glue onto the cardboard making sure that they meet in the middle. Finally, cut a star out of another piece of paper. Glue it over the point where all the circle cones meet. You can hang your wreath on your front door or consider making three or five to hang behind your refreshment table.

When you live at Gran Bay apartments in Jacksonville FL, there are many wonderful places to host a Memorial Day party. Each of our apartments in Jacksonville, FL. comes with a patio or a terrace. We also have a resort-style swimming pool and an outside cooking area. If you hurry, you can still be moved into these spacious apartments by Memorial Day. Then, you can entertain your friends in your beautiful new home.