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4 Easy Ways to Get Fit In Your Apartment

Living and staying healthy entails eating well, maintain good habits and also exercising as often as you can. When you live in an apartment for rent in Jacksonville, FL, you sometimes feel like you don’t have a lot of options for great workouts. Well, you actually don’t have to spend a lot of money registering for a gym or hiring a personal trainer. Even when you live in an apartment for rent in Jacksonville, FL, you can still get fit without needing any expensive gym equipment.

Find out our best ways to use what you have to stay fit right there in your apartment for rent in Jacksonville, FL:


If the weather is agreeable and nice, you can take long walks around your room or corridor and burn all the calories that you wish. You can do this even in your apartment without going out if the weather is not so good by taking laps around your home. You can install free step counters on your mobile phone to help you count your steps so that you know how much work you have done. Walking is one of the best cardiovascular exercises you can do and also goes a long way in helping you tone your legs.

Indoor jogging

This can be done with minimal space. You can jog in place to help exercise your heart and get your blood pumping in any room at home. Simply put on your television or music player and jog in place to your favorite songs to burn calories and stay fit. If you want to make it more interesting and energetic by adding jumping jacks to your routine and switching at intervals. Turn it up another notch if you have some head space by adding a jumping rope and you will yourself looking trimmer in time without the expenses of a gym subscription.

Weight lifting

You still don’t need to invest in expensive weights and dumbbells for this. All you need is to find items around you home and use as your weights. You can place several cans of processed food inside a bag and use as weights. Bottles of water or cans of pop can also work for this. You can then work your way to larger items like detergent jars and bags of dried food like rice.


Work your abs, arm muscles and shoulders all in one spot by doing pushups. You can do regular pushups for a few sets and then crank it up by increasing the speed or using an incline like your couch for some more resistance. You can even do pushups standing against a wall in your home and get all the health benefits of a gym without stepping out of your apartment for rent in Jacksonville FL.

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