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6 Creative Ways to Show Your Love for Travel
Through Your Home Décor

Moving into a new place comes with the need to decorate and find new ways to express yourself. As someone who loves to travel, there are many creative and simple ways that you can reflect your personality in your apartment. It doesn’t matter whether you are a frequent flyer, or you have dreams of places to visit, expressing your love for travel is not going to be too difficult for you with these tips.

1. Classic suitcase trunks

Vintage trunks are excellent storage containers to add some style to any room. You can have them close by in your room or living room to keep the blankets, sweaters and other items that you always have around and do so with class.

2. Travel-themed decorations

You can make use of photographs, throw pillows, shower curtains, wallpapers and other travel-related items to show off your love for the new horizons. You can pick a selection of places you want to visit or your favorite places in the world as throw pillows or picture frames on the wall. These will make awesome conversation starters with visitors to your home for rent in Jacksonville FL.

3. Postcard arrays

Arrange your postcards and create a row of memories that you can easily hang on the wall or somewhere prominent in the house. You can even select a few, reprint as monochrome and frame them all like a collage to remind you of a certain place or time in your travels.

4. Globes

Globes are the quintessential symbols of travelling and are made in so many styles, colors and materials that you will always find something to suit your home perfectly. Model globes are excellent as nightstands, table toppers. You can even make something unique from a globe like a bottle holder for a mini bar and get both aesthetics and function from your love for travel.

5. Maps

You can use maps for virtually anything in your home from wallpapers to table cloths to towels. There are many things made out of map outlines that you can place around the house. You can even buy specific country items and place these around the house. A lot of people collect stickers and fridge magnets from their travels and can also use this to decorate their apartments for rent in Jacksonville FL.

6. Time zone clocks

What’s not to love about a set of individual clocks that have your favorite city names and their correspondent local time? You can have the city names stencilled or buy pre-made vinyl decals and tick them to your walls.

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